Tobie Miller – Early Music, Who is the Goddess of Hurdy Gurdy, and Metronomes

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Tobie Miller

One of the only hurdy gurdy players to come to the instrument through early music, she is recognized as a virtuoso of the baroque hurdy gurdy, and performs in various formations, including in duo with the Austrian hurdy gurdy player, Matthias Loibner, as well as with well- known conductors such as Jordi Savall, Christophe Coin, and Wieland Kuijken.

Featured Music –

La dupuits: Première partie (Prélude) Ensemble Danguy (Don Gee) · Tobie Miller

Le Printems ou Les Saisons amusantes, Op. 8: III. La Moisson (Allegro) · Ensemble Danguy · Tobie Miller

Redstorm – Gregory Jolivet

Violin Partita No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1006: III. Gavotte en Rondeau – Tobie Miller

Questions we likely asked Tobie Miller:

How did you discover the Hurdy Gurdy?

Why is it important to start in the French Classical style on the gurdy?

Tell us about your projects. What kind of music projects are you engaged in for those who don’t know.

Which goddess invented the hurdy gurdy?

What kinds of gurdies do you play?

Can we get funding for studying “Your brain on the Hurdy Gurdy”?

How does one go about learning and playing “early music” as you do?

What are some good historical methods of learning and playing the hurdy gurdy?

What was your favorite project you’ve been involved in and why?

Who are your top 3-5 players that you admire and that inspire you?

How can a metronome make us happier and healthier?

Which early music instruments were too provocative for women to play?

If someone wants to play and get that same sound like you, how would you advise they do it?

Claire Dugue on Hurdy Gurdy Building and Exoskeletons – HGCS2E5

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Podcast Audio –

Claire Dugue on Hurdy Gurdy Building and Exoskeletons – HGCS2E5

Featured Music

“Folhas Cintilantes” from Matthias Loibner

“Ouvrez la Porte “ F.Paris & G.Chabenat

“Longa Farhafsa” played by German Diaz and Pascal Lefeuvre.

Topics Covered

How did you first learn about Hurdy Gurdy?

How did you learn to build Hurdy Gurdies?

What made you decided to start building?

How long have you been building?

How do you approach building?

Were you inspired by any particular builders?

Do all the hurdy gurdy makers in the UK hang out?

Who needs more trompettes?

What model hurdy gurdy does Claire Dugue offer?

What’s the deal with the exoskeleton on the Gurdies?

What special electronics can go into a Dugue Hurdy Gurdy?

What’s the best part of being a Hurdy Gurdy builder?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn to build a hurdy gurdy?

What was the hardest part about learning to build a hurdy gurdy?

What are some general maintenance tips and strategies you recommend for keeping gurdies sounding good.

What machinery is needed to build a good hurdy gurdy?

What is the best kind of luthier to take your hurdy gurdy to for repairs, if you don’t have access to a hurdy gurdy luthier?

How much does humidity effect a hurdy gurdy?

For more information about Claire’s work please visit:

Hurdy Gurdy Salvage, Effect Pedals, and Trompette Mastery – HGCS2E4 – with Brian McCoy

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Podcast Audio –

Hurdy Gurdy Café Season 2 Episode 4 – Notes
Brian McCoy
Featured Music – 
#1 – Tears No More – Matthias Loibner 
#2 – Cosmic Drone – Califat 
#3 – Seaphone –  Little Boy also

1) What’s the source of Brian McCoy’s right hand trompette skill?
2) Are Altarwind Hurdy Gurdy’s scary?
3) What is a good beginner’s hurdy gurdy?
4) What is hurdy gurdy shaming?  19:14 Sergio video
5) Is a Gallopin Gurdy salvageable?
6) How do hurdy gurdies and Legos relate?
7) What does a Gallopin Gurdy sound like with reverb, phaser, bass boost and a compressor (not in that order)?
8) What is the importance of setting up your hurdy gurdy well?
9) Can you use too many effects on the Hurdy Gurdy?
10) Are guitar pedals better than computer processing for a hurdy gurdy?
11) What is hurdy gurdy tapping?
12) What are the best pickups or amplification devices on a hurdy gurdy to use guitar pedals or other effects?
13) How do you shape and contour the sounds that come out of your gurdy?
14) How does developing muscle memory impact one’s ability to play the hurdy gurdy?
15) How does meditation and anger impact one’s ability to trompette well?
16) What secrets are there to practicing the trompette?
17) How do drums relate to the trompet/chien?
18) How does wheel size affect playing the hurdy gurdy?

Thanks again Sergio, for being with us.

Ancient Hurdy Gurdy Broke Hurdy Gurdy – Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

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Video –

Audio –

Featured Music

Le Viellieux – Trigo Migo

Germán Díaz – La topolino amaranto

Sonate VI: Allegro en rondeau · Ensemble Danguy · Tobie Miller

  • Tell us about baroque hurdy gurdies.
  • What instruments have been converted to hurdy gurdies in the olden days?
  • What are the oldest playable hurdy gurdies?
  • What are the hurdy gurdies of the 18th century like?
  • In what century were the best Hurdy Gurdies built?
  • What do ice ages have to do with hurdy gurdies?
  • Guitar shaped or a lute back hurdy gurdy?
  • When were hurdy gurdy capos invented?
  • What is required to restore an ancient hurdy gurdy?
  • How many hurdy gurdies is too many hurdy gurdies?
  • What is a good schedule for maintaining a hurdy gurdy?
  • What are ways to determine the age of an ancient hurdy gurdy?
  • How often should strings be changed on a hurdy gurdy?
  • What can cause problems related to hurdy gurdy intonation?
  • What about 19th century hurdy gurdies?
  • When should a hurdy gurdy be destroyed?
  • How does one distress or relic a hurdy gurdy?
  • What is the best way to learn Baroque hurdy gurdy?
  • What are good Sonatas to learn on the hurdy gurdy?

Thanks again Sergio, for being with us.

Gurdy Mania II – Review

One Simple Man’s Review of Scott Marshall’s Gurdy Mania II

Scott Marshall’s technique on the Hurdy Gurdy is amazingly dexterous, his fingers, hands and arms nimble to the point of flawless performance of the most demanding music written for the instrument. These compositions performed on nine “slightly effected Hurdy Gurdies” by Mr. Marshall could be thought of as poetic pictures portraying the nature of life. All are presented in minor keys, indicating perhaps a preference for a solemn grasp that touches the depths of creation. Aliveness and alertness are clearly shown, but without a silly gaiety that glosses over life’s predominant vulnerability.

The first of the 15 recordings, “Country Dark,” written in half-time, is a drawn-out series of modulating chords with an underlying dominant base possibly capturing the mood of warily walking in pitch-black darkness through a meadow wondering what lies in wait. Yet, it’s as if the music itself surrounds the walker with an all-embracing zone that is safe. The remainder of the pieces feature sounds that seem impossible for a Hurdy Gurdy to make. Indeed, at times I imagined hearing an oboe or other reeds and even a muted brass instead of the instrument’s strings. These fleeting arpeggios of unusual sounds from their source dance around while continuo and chords maintain the rhythm.

One selection begins with the sound of a horse’s gait, which is maintained throughout providing a glimpse of a horse-drawn carriage rolling along at a steady pace. Several of the pieces repeat the same intricate arpeggio pattern, likely a favorite or most adroit of Mr. Marshall’s skill. Another complicated maneuver of Hurdy Gurdy playing that Mr. Marshall has mastered involves quick intermittent reversals of the flywheel to generate a different sound, something akin to breathing in instead of out when playing a harmonica. Even more astounding are the songs in which one melody is playing at the same time as a counter melody. I would love to witness that technique.

The final selection, “Spell of the Space Witch,” easily transports one into the vastness of pulsars, quarks, blackholes, and the other mysteries of space. How the composer/performer manages to eke those sounds out of the Hurdy Gurdy is another technique I want to see. Mr. Marshall’s mastery of Hurdy Gurdy performance ranges from notes sounding alone in utter simplicity to sounds of a church pipe organ with the sforzando toe stud switched on. The artist’s rendering on the album cover may capture something of the music’s wonder. There stands a tree (of life?) in the middle and other trees in the distance, and emerging out of the ground are various forms of vegetation, having worked through the black earth to offer sustenance and beauty to the rest of creation. Asleep in a cocoon of intertwined roots under the tree appears a rodent-type creature. Life’s essence is experienced as it is NOW without any need of hope for anything to be different. All we need is already given, and good or bad, it is of heaven.

j.e. norton – March 8th, 2021

To order Gurdy Mania:

Johannes Geworkian Hellman, the Hurdy Gurdy, Symbio – HGCS2E2

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Our guest today is: Johannes Geworkian Hellman

Podcast Audio to Download:

Podcast Video:

Featured Music: Symbio – 100 Years of Joy and Sorrow

How does Symbio approach composing music?

What’s the difference between modal or tonal music?

Where did Johannes’ musical journey start?

Is Symbio “Easy Listening” Hurdy Gurdy Music?

Featured Music: A Song for Valentin- Live – Johannes Geworkian Hellman

Is Valentin easy listening?

How did Valentin Clastrier’s hurdy gurdy playing influence Johannes?

Who are Johannes primary hurdy gurdy influences?

What kind of instruments does Johannes play and what are the differences?

What’s the scene like with Symbio?

Is there new music on the way?

When will we hear a Rush hurdy gurdy cover?

Featured Music: Hive – David Lombardi, Johannes Geworkian Hellman, Tad Sargent

Any advice for beginning players?

What are the disadvantages of the hurdy gurdy?

Are there any insights on recording the hurdy gurdy properly?

Featured Music: Symbio “Rising” Live at Manifestgalan, Stockholm – Hurdy-gurdy & accordion

Special thanks to Sergio! Always a pleasure.

Efrén López, The Queen of Spain, A Fretted Hurdy Gurdy, subtract a Pope – S2E1HGC

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Our guest today is Efren Lopez.

Podcast Audio to Download –


Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Season 2 Episode 1

Efren Lopez

Featured Music: Can Vei La Lauzeta Mover · Els Trobadors

1) How was Efren Lopez introduced to the Hurdy Gurdy?

2) Where and when did the sound of early music develop?

3) How does Efren Lopez feel when he plays music?

4) How does the Queen of Spain feel about Efren’s music?

5) How powerful is the Hurdy Gurdy?

6) What was Efren Lopez’s first hurdy gurdy?

7) How does Efren Lopez approach recording with the Hurdy Gurdy?

8) What do fretless double neck guitars and E-bows have in common?

Featured Music: Black Os – Tiennet – Patrick Bouffard

9) Who influenced Efren Lopez the most?

10) What are Efren Lopez’s favorite instruments?

11) What is a fretted hurdy gurdy?

12) Is there a fretted nerdy gurdy hurdy gurdy?

13) What is Efren’s favorite hurdy gurdy tuning?

14) What is Efren’s advice to beginning to play the hurdy gurdy?

15) What was Efren’s experience with the Queen of Spain?Featured Music: Hedningarna – Polska efter Olof Tillman

Special thanks to Sergio Gonzalez ( and Efren Lopez (

Nigel Eaton, a Stolen Hurdy Gurdy, Unledded, Muses and More – Season 1 Finale

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Our guest today is Nigel Eaton.



Featured Music – by Nigel –
1986 Synth Pop Experimentation Devil Dance
Kate at the Gate from the Album Panic at the Café
The Duelists Track #3 from the Album the Duelists
Laride – from the 1995 VH1 Interview
1. How does one recover a stolen Hurdy Gurdy?
2. How does the double keyboard work on a Hurdy Gurdy?
3. How did you get so good? 
4. How old were you when you started playing?
5. Were you self taught?
6. Did Nigel Eaton build his first Hurdy Gurdy?
7. And you started playing because your dad got tired from his job?
8. What projects were you involved in up until 1994? 
9. How did you get the gig playing hurdy gurdy with Page and Plant on Unledded?
10. Were you given free range in composing your parts for Unledded? How did you approach that?
11. How did it effect your career?
12. What project or work are you most proud of? 
13. Who were your most influential hurdy gurdy players growing up?
14. (From Scott Marshall) As a God of Hurdy Gurdy and the son of a legendary luthier, how do you see the current scene?
15. Any advice for new players?
16. Anything you’d like to see happen for the hurdy gurdy players and music of the future?  Anything you’d like to see go differently?

Pablo Urssuson of Sangre de Muerdago and the Poetry of the Hurdy Gurdy – HGC S1 E9

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Our guest today is Pablo Urssuson.

The audio of today’s podcast-

The video of today’s podcast-

Featured Music –

-SANGRE DE MUERDAGO – Heavy Mental (Live Session 2019)

-Sangre de Muerdago – Lonxania – Lonshania –  Track 5

-Skamgreppet · Hedningarna (band)

Topics Include:

What kind of music does Sangre De Muerdago and Pablo play?

Do you need to know how to read and write music to compose good music?

How did Pablo Ursusson begin playing the Hurdy Gurdy?  Punk?

How is Punk music related to the folk tradition?

Is it OK if your first Hurdy Gurdy doesn’t have a trompette?

How long has Pablo been playing the Hurdy Gurdy?

Is it good to sacrifice technicality for musicality?

Is it better to be self-taught on the Hurdy Gurdy?

How important is the coup? Should be we glorify it?

When are you going to use coup de 12?

When does Sangre de Muerdago’s new album come out?

What does the Adam’s Family Theme song have to do with the Hurdy Gurdy?

What is the best way to approach Hurdy Gurdy as a beginner?

Can you learn how to play the Hurdy Gurdy without maintaining it?

How important is the right hand, trompette technique, to playing the Hurdy Gurdy well?

How important is it to tap your foot while playing the Hurdy Gurdy?

How important is it to start just being creative with the Hurdy Gurdy, even before you really know how to play?

Is it better to learn from sheet music or by ear training?

Special Thanks to Pablo of Sangre de Muerdago for being with us today.

And Special Thanks to Sergio Gonzalez for bringing it all together.

Steve Tyler and Enduring the Ephemeral – HGC S1 E8

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Our guest today is Steve Tyler.

The audio of today’s podcast-

The video of today’s podcast-

Topics Include:

Featured Music –
Steve Tyler – The Second Law – From The Enduring and the Ephemeral –

How did Steve Tyler discover the Hurdy Gurdy?
What was it like participating in the Mideaval Historic Music World?
How does one get better at playing the Hurdy Gurdy?
Are the Early Music Workshop Kits good?
Is Steve Tyler self-taught on the Hurdy Gurdy?
How’s a Chris Eaton Hurdy Gurdy?
What is the Chris Eaton Double Keyboard?
Should we start practicing the trompette from the beginning?
How does muscle memory effect the ability to use the trompette?

Who are Steve Tyler’s top three Hurdy Gurdy influences?

Featured Music
Pandero – L’Ham de Foc —

Is there another Steve Tyler in an alternate universe playing in a rock band?
What are the Daughter’s of Elven?

What was the process of recording the Enduring and the Ephemeral?

Featured Music –
Tethys – From the Enduring and the Ephemeral