Nigel Eaton, a Stolen Hurdy Gurdy, Unledded, Muses and More – Season 1 Finale

This podcast was released at November 30, 2020 at 4:30 AM Eastern Time Zone, as the Moon is perfectly Full. (For show notes and podcast audio, scroll down, down, down…)
Our guest today is Nigel Eaton.



Featured Music – by Nigel –
1986 Synth Pop Experimentation Devil Dance
Kate at the Gate from the Album Panic at the Café
The Duelists Track #3 from the Album the Duelists
Laride – from the 1995 VH1 Interview
1. How does one recover a stolen Hurdy Gurdy?
2. How does the double keyboard work on a Hurdy Gurdy?
3. How did you get so good? 
4. How old were you when you started playing?
5. Were you self taught?
6. Did Nigel Eaton build his first Hurdy Gurdy?
7. And you started playing because your dad got tired from his job?
8. What projects were you involved in up until 1994? 
9. How did you get the gig playing hurdy gurdy with Page and Plant on Unledded?
10. Were you given free range in composing your parts for Unledded? How did you approach that?
11. How did it effect your career?
12. What project or work are you most proud of? 
13. Who were your most influential hurdy gurdy players growing up?
14. (From Scott Marshall) As a God of Hurdy Gurdy and the son of a legendary luthier, how do you see the current scene?
15. Any advice for new players?
16. Anything you’d like to see happen for the hurdy gurdy players and music of the future?  Anything you’d like to see go differently?