An Operatic Wine Cellar Darling HGCS2E8 with Anna Murphy

This podcast was released on June 24th, 2021 at 2:40 PM Eastern Time Zone, as the Moon is perfectly full.



Questions we likely asked Anna:

What is it likely getting lessons with Efren Lopez?

How did Anna Murphy discover the hurdy gurdy?

Does Anna Murphy enjoy being on stage?

What was the best/worst moments playing live?

When do mechanics work in Belgium?

Which hurdy gurdies does Anna Murphy play?

Is superglue good for a hurdy gurdy?

What does opera have to do with Anna’s music?

What are Anna’s hobbies?

What are some tips on recording a hurdy gurdy?

Featured Music

[EAR] Efrén López / Adrián Perales / Raül Bonell. Baiduska

Hurdy Gurdy – Tok jöns


Special thanks to Sergio Gonzalez, the Hurdy Gurdy Player:

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