The T-Rex Hand and top 6 Ways to Wear Your Hurdy Gurdy – HGC Podcast S1E4

This podcast was released at Sept. 2, 2020 at 1:22 am Eastern Time Zone, as the Moon is perfectly full. (For show notes, scroll down, down, down…)

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Introducing Sanne van Gend from the Netherlands…The T-Rex Hand and top 6 Ways to Wear Your Hurdy Gurdy – HGC Podcast S1E4

Sanne’s Dutch tune project is called Holland Historie –

Featured Music…
Sint Tuenis Poort (Saint Tuenis Gate) – Dutch folk on hurdy gurdy – Performed by Sanne van Gend
Het viel eens hemels douwe (The holy ghost once descended)– Dutch folk on hurdy gurdy – performed by Sanne van Gend and Jimi Hellinga
CORRETTE // La Furstemberg by Ensemble Danguy / Tobie Miller

What did we talk about on this Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Podcast?
What’s a good hurdy gurdy festival?
Where can you rent a hurdy gurdy?
Are there Viking Hurdy Gurdies?
Does anyone in the United States play the Hurdy Gurdy? Maybe check the
Hurdy Gurdy census…
Is the hurdy gurdy music in Black Sails authentic?
Can adventurers really carry a hurdy gurdy in Dungeons and Dragons games?
What is a good posture for playing the Hurdy Gurdy?
What is a T-Rex hand?
Is playing the hurdy gurdy with poor posture as bad as falling down stairs?
Is it normal to feel tension when playing the hurdy gurdy?
Align your hurdy gurdy with your knob.
How can you learn the hurdy gurdy faster?
What are good tips for learning the trompette?