Hurdy Gurdy Innovations, Sound and Fire – w/Wolfgang Weichselbaumer – HGC Season 2 Finale

This podcast was released on July 9th, 2021 at 9:16 PM Eastern Time Zone, as the Moon is perfectly new.


The Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Season 2 Episode 10 Podcast
Season Finale

Wolfgang Weichselbaumer
Featured Music

  1. Uzh Kak Po Mostu, Mostochiku. Hurdy-Gurdy Solo – Andrey Vinogradov
  2. Germán Díaz – Nimboestrato
  3. Valentin Clastrier, Et la Roue de la Vie by Duo Clastrier-Kamperman (PAN 2015)
  4. F. J. Haydn – Concerto for 2 lire organizzate in C [Hob.VII h:1]
  5. Tobie Miller, Matthias Loibner and Thierry Nouat

When, why and how did Wolfgang start building hurdy gurdies?
What was the first instrument Wolfgang built?
Where did Wolfgang’s instrument’s sound come from?
Did Wolfgang study anything before building instruments?
How did people react to the sound the sound of Wolfgang’s first instruments?
Did Wolfgang know he was going to have the impact he has on the instrument?
What hurdy gurdy related inventions is Wolfgang responsible for?
What is the material of Wolfgang’s synthetic wheel?
Are instruments by Wolfgang Weichselbaumer good for beginners?
What is the most difficult aspect of building a hurdy gurdy?
How did Valentin Clastrier feel about Wolfgang’s instruments?
What hobbies does Wolfgang have?
What is the relationship of the player to the instrument?
Does Wolfgang have hurdy gurdy apprentices?
How many instruments has Wolfgang built over the years?
Does the number of strings on a hurdy gurdy effect the sound?
Do 3 strings on the hurdy gurdy give the perfect sound?
What musicians or luthiers inspires Wolfgang?

Special thanks to Sergio Gonzalez, for all of his support through these two seasons!

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