Evolution of Modern Hurdy Gurdy (Plus €1000 Aplo Review with Scott Marshall) – HGC S1E3

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Featured Music
Scott Marshall- Woodhenge from Gurdy Mania II – https://www.facebook.com/gurdymania
Steve Tyler – Chronophage – https://stevetyler.bandcamp.com/releases
Symbio – Playing ‘Les Fil’ – by Gilles Chabenat

The Evolution of the Hurdy Gurdy from traditional to Modern – with examples from Sam Palmer, Wolfgang Weischelbaumer and MM Instruments (Ancestore)

Lets look a Samuel Palmer hurdy gurdy.
Do you need a tool to tune an older hurdy gurdy?
What is a luteback hurdy hurdy?
Are traditional wooden tangents better than metal tangents?
Is it better to have a solid wood wheel on your hurdy gurdy?
Are there capos on traditional hurdy gurdies?
Where is the best place to record hurdy gurdies? Jon Loomes – Talking Cat Studios…
How do pedals work with a hurdy gurdy?
What is a modern hurdy gurdy like?
Who invented metal tangents for the hurdy gurdy?
Let’s Look at a Wolfgang Weichselbaumer hurdy gurdy.
How do sympathetic strings sound when amplified on the hurdy gurdy?
What is a drop wheel on the hurdy gurdy?
What is a good introductory instrument for the money, that is modern?
What is Scott’s YouTube page? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAOK3cUv3K2pRSIhkt0Osbg
What is the Aplo hurdy gurdy by Ancestore?
Are longer scale length hurdy gurdies better than a short scale?
Should I have other friends than hurdy gurdy players?
Are hurdy gurdies good for codependant people?
Is gurdy mania a medical condition or not?
Where can I buy Gurdymania? https://www.facebook.com/gurdymania