Hurdy Gurdy Salvage, Effect Pedals, and Trompette Mastery – HGCS2E4 – with Brian McCoy

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Hurdy Gurdy Café Season 2 Episode 4 – Notes
Brian McCoy
Featured Music – 
#1 – Tears No More – Matthias Loibner 
#2 – Cosmic Drone – Califat 
#3 – Seaphone –  Little Boy also

1) What’s the source of Brian McCoy’s right hand trompette skill?
2) Are Altarwind Hurdy Gurdy’s scary?
3) What is a good beginner’s hurdy gurdy?
4) What is hurdy gurdy shaming?  19:14 Sergio video
5) Is a Gallopin Gurdy salvageable?
6) How do hurdy gurdies and Legos relate?
7) What does a Gallopin Gurdy sound like with reverb, phaser, bass boost and a compressor (not in that order)?
8) What is the importance of setting up your hurdy gurdy well?
9) Can you use too many effects on the Hurdy Gurdy?
10) Are guitar pedals better than computer processing for a hurdy gurdy?
11) What is hurdy gurdy tapping?
12) What are the best pickups or amplification devices on a hurdy gurdy to use guitar pedals or other effects?
13) How do you shape and contour the sounds that come out of your gurdy?
14) How does developing muscle memory impact one’s ability to play the hurdy gurdy?
15) How does meditation and anger impact one’s ability to trompette well?
16) What secrets are there to practicing the trompette?
17) How do drums relate to the trompet/chien?
18) How does wheel size affect playing the hurdy gurdy?

Thanks again Sergio, for being with us.

The Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Season 1 Episode 2 with Sergio Gonzalez – What the Crank?

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The Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Podcast Season 1 Episode 2- Show Notes

What the Crank?

How to think of “weird” time signatures: 11/8, 7/8, 3/8, 9/8?

What is a Kopanitsa?

What are the signs a hurdy gurdy is poorly constructed? (So I know what to beware of.)

Efren Lopez’s band is called L’ham de foc.

How important is the wheel in the hurdy gurdy?

Should the wheel be small?

What if my hurdy gurdy has a poor finish?

What is the difference between a modern style versus classic Hurdy Gurdy?

What’s the benefit of adjustable bridges, different kinds of tangents, friction pegs, etc?

Are capos necessary on the Hurdy Gurdy?

How many add-ons or extras do I need on my Hurdy Gurdy?  How many capos or melody strings do I need?

What should I carry in my Hurdy Gurdy kit?

Featured Music

Efren Lopez – Kopanitsa

Neil Brook – Drops of Brandy/Fox Hunter’s – from the album Rambles in the Park

Michalina Malisz – Morrison’s Jig

Learning to Play the Hurdy Gurdy

What is a slip jig?

What’s the best approach to learning the Hurdy Gurdy?

How do you find an up to date book or hurdy gurdy method that is not outdated?

How important are lessons when learning the Hurdy Gurdy?

What can I do to prepare for playing a hurdy gurdy while I’m waiting for one to be built?

Thanks again Sergio…