Steve Tyler and Enduring the Ephemeral – HGC S1 E8

This podcast was released at October 31, 2020 at 10:49 AM Eastern Time Zone, as the Moon is perfectly Full. (For show notes and podcast audio, scroll down, down, down…)

Our guest today is Steve Tyler.

The audio of today’s podcast-

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Topics Include:

Featured Music –
Steve Tyler – The Second Law – From The Enduring and the Ephemeral –

How did Steve Tyler discover the Hurdy Gurdy?
What was it like participating in the Mideaval Historic Music World?
How does one get better at playing the Hurdy Gurdy?
Are the Early Music Workshop Kits good?
Is Steve Tyler self-taught on the Hurdy Gurdy?
How’s a Chris Eaton Hurdy Gurdy?
What is the Chris Eaton Double Keyboard?
Should we start practicing the trompette from the beginning?
How does muscle memory effect the ability to use the trompette?

Who are Steve Tyler’s top three Hurdy Gurdy influences?

Featured Music
Pandero – L’Ham de Foc —

Is there another Steve Tyler in an alternate universe playing in a rock band?
What are the Daughter’s of Elven?

What was the process of recording the Enduring and the Ephemeral?

Featured Music –
Tethys – From the Enduring and the Ephemeral

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